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About Us

QuoteUnlock was founded with the main purpose of helping customers throughout the United States save as much as possible on their most important mortgage, insurance and loan needs.

By making the process of loan or insurance shopping as convenient as possible for our customers, we save them time and allow them to compare multiple quotes. This way, they can save on both short and long-term costs and benefit from the competition rather than being stuck with an unfair deal.

QuoteUnlock is committed to making the process of finding a new mortgage, insurance policy or loan as hassle free as possible. Our network of financial institutions and insurance providers are ranked at the very top of their respective industries. We carefully choose our partners to ensure that our users receive the highest level of service and support once they decide on a quote.

With a simple, time-saving single online application, we connect our customers to several top-tier providers so they can compare rates, fees, terms and other details for the loan or insurance products they are interested in.

Our easy online application and rapid support response times ensure that our customers never have to spend more than just a few minutes of their day to find competitive rates and quotes.

QuoteUnlock remains at the cutting-edge of our industry by providing all of our visitors with an unrivaled experience, a fast and responsive website, and passionate support.

We are dedicated to providing a convenient, time and money saving loan or insurance shopping experience– with the goal of becoming the “go-to” source for all of our customers’ future loan and insurance needs!