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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Protect your most important financial asset. Home insurance protects your home and everything in it. It can also play a pivotal role if you are liable for damages. Home insurance comes in many different types. Choose a policy that protects as much as possible and secure 100% of your home’s future.


We help you save with affordable Homeowners Insurance.

QuoteUnlock is your source for affordable homeowners insurance that will safeguard your property and cover it in a wide range of scenarios.

Homeowners insurance is not just for fire protection. Your policy will likely also cover your home from water damage, hail, burglary, personal liability if someone gets injured on your property and more.

Around 1 out of 15 insured homes make a claim each year. These scenarios can happen more often than you think, and you don’t want to be stuck with huge bills if accidents or weather damage happens.

We get you quickly connected with the leading providers of homeowners insurance policies throughout the nation. You fill a simple application, and you’ll get multiple competitive offers so you can save.

You may also be eligible for a variety of discounts that can help you save on your policy, such as discounts for safety features like fire alarms, burglar alarms, new home purchase discounts and more.

In addition, many of our providers will let you bundle your homeowners insurance with an auto policy so you can save even more.

We make it as easy as possible to find the homeowners policy that you are seeking at the cost you expect.

Don’t wait any longer to secure your most valuable investment – apply today and choose from multiple affordable options.

Why choose a homeowners insurance policy from QuoteUnlock?

Why choose

  • Homeowners insurance is a must to safeguard what is likely your biggest investment.
  • It will reimburse you in a variety of situations – from weather damage to fire to accidents.
  • Take a few minutes to fill out our simple online application to get offers quickly.
  • Choose from multiple competitive offers to save as much as possible on homeowners insurance.

Home insurance does not have to be months away in the future. You can get it now.

We remove many of the complications out of the process of obtaining home insurance. First, you start a simple application. This will provide important details pertaining to your home and what type of insurance you’ll need.

From here, QuoteUnlock compiles an extensive list of quotes from leading insurance providers across the country. We then show you multiple plans and you make your choice based on the rate or other features of the policy that you are seeking.

It doesn’t get any simpler. Apply today in a few minutes, choose a plan, finalize the details with the representative, and get the affordable home insurance protection you have been needing!